Understanding the Virginia Child Support Calculator as an effective tool

The children of Virginia needs both family and financial assistance to grow and prosper. Children who have actively involved parents in their lives perform better in educational institutes and reflect high level of confidence. As a result, they achieve great success in life. To show full commitment and responsibility; understanding the Virginia Child Support Calculator is necessary. In case of divorcing, courts often asked to regulate appropriate degree of child support payable between parents. For providing assistance, Virginia Code Section 20108.2 sets forth a set of principle that calculate the amount of child support from parents.

Guidelines for Using the Virginia Child support Calculator

The guidelines determine the appropriate level of financial and non-financial support given to child, hence it is significant to have a thorough attention on understanding the Virginia Child Support Calculator. The following guidelines are given that must be applied properly before finalizing the decision. To must regulate

  • The number of children for whom support is being pursued.
  • The visitation and custody arrangements for every individual child. If a parent acquires the physical custody of the child for more than 90 days per years, then the child support will be measured using the “shared custody support calculator”. In other scenario, if a parent has physical custody for less than 90 days, the “sole custody support calculator” will be used to compute the child support.
  • The gross income of parents that is broadly defined under The Virginia Code as ‘income from all sources”. The combined gross must include (but not limited to) income from bonuses, wages or salaries, pension, severance pay, royalties, commissions, social security benefits, dividends, trust income, rental income, worker’s compensation benefits, spousal support, unemployment insurance benefits, awards or prizes, disability insurance benefits, and rental income.
  • The total cost of work-related child care, though, these cost may not surpass the cost of “quality care from a licensed source.”
  • The total fees or cost of dental and health insurance for the child. This cost can be calculated by measuring the difference between self-only coverage and family coverage (for planned participant).

Once all the values (above mentioned) are input, the calculator will measure and show the monthly support obligation’ guidelines for each parent. If, it calculates the monthly combined gross less than $599, in this scenario $65 will be awarded as the minimum child support payment for each year. Though, if monthly gross income exceeds $600, then obligation is determined by enlarging or multiplying the respective percentage of parent’s combined gross income. Understanding the Virginia Child Support Calculator help in getting accurate and appropriate financial support to the children.

Tips for Understanding the Virginia Child Support Calculator

  • You need to be aware that Virginia Child Support Calculator is intended to give an estimate only.
  • Parents should use Virginia child support Calculator designed on permissible law and provided by state’s Department of Social Services.
  • To use the calculator effectively, it is necessary to ensure correct total income of both parents enlisting self-employment earning, wages. Investment income, bonuses, incentives and all other sources of income generation.
  • Third-party child support calculator should not put into consideration because it may not provide the reliable, authentic, and trustworthy child support estimate.

All these above mentioned tips help you for understanding the Virginia child support calculator, which lead to assist in better decision-making regarding the monetary support given by each of the parent for the child’s upbringing.