Traffic Infractions in Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria, VA though is a small city of the Commonwealth Virginia but due its proximity with densely populated neighborhoods such Arlington and Washington DC faces heavy traffic flow on major highways and intersections. In consequence it also has to deal with traffic violations like DUI, hit-run and reckless driving cases. In the Commonwealth of Virginia different jurisdictions may have different laws for different traffic offenses and the penalties may also vary within the State. The convictions like DUI and reckless driving unlike the speeding ticket have serious consequences like sentence to jail and suspension of driving license in Alexandria, VA. Therefore it becomes extremely crucial to know what you should expect from the court, when you need a lawyer and how you can reduce the fine or penalties.

Defending Yourself in the Traffic Court of Alexandria, VA

Charge of Reckless Driving

If you have been charged with a reckless driving ticket in Alexandria, VA then a reckless driving lawyer may help you to understand the courtroom environment and what your reckless driving ticket constitutes plus how you can work on a plea agreement.

A professional reckless driving lawyer will first honestly inform you of the penalties you may face in Alexandria, VA. Convicted of reckless driving, you may have to pay a fine up to $2,500 and some case even jail of one year. Other possible penalties are suspension of driving license for six or more months, six-points for 11 years on your DMV record and difficulty in keeping or getting a security clearance. Consulting a reckless driving lawyer will also help you to understand the severe nature of this misdemeanor and what really is count as reckless driving.

Appointing a Reckless Driving Lawyer in Alexandria, VA

Appointing a reckless driving lawyer in Alexandria can help you in every stage of your case that is from understanding your case, penalties to reduction of the charge and working on plea agreement. Only an experienced reckless driving lawyer like the one from SRIS Law Group can help you to a have less stressful experience at the court.  Your lawyer will inform you how can in Alexandria the convict can sort out the plea agreement prior to the hearing by setting meeting with Commonwealth’s attorneys along with the officer and defendant lawyer. In case of a faulty speedometer that made you assume you were not exceeding the speed limit, an experienced reckless driving lawyer will use this information to have leniency in the penalties. Plus in some cases he can also plea for restricted license so you can manage daily chores.