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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault has many forms such as touching a person’s body in a sexual way. However, sexual assault has the most famous form of rape and attempted rape. However, the basic concept of sexual assault is that it ranges from touching someone in a sexual way without the consent of another person to rape or attempted rape. Moreover, the sexual assault does not only destroy the self-confidence and self-esteem of the victim but it destroys the career of that individual in case of a female. On the other hand, if an allegation is made by a victim, the accused may face a long-term legal obligation. Therefore, Prince William Sexual Assault lawyer helps people to combat against allegations.

How Victims Feel After an Assault

Survivors sometimes wonder or doubt if they were actually raped if they knew the person who assaulted them in advance if they were their partner if they did not use weapons, if they voluntarily took or used drugs, or if they did not put up resistance to avoid physical violence. They may feel numb and without feelings. Survivors may feel cautious about trusting others. They may lose confidence in their ability to judge others and some situations. Survivors may not want anyone to know what happened. When the body of a survivor is assaulted, their sense of personal power and control is also assaulted. Moreover, they may feel unable to control other circumstances of life. After an assault, survivors are afraid of daily tasks: sleeping, socializing, or leaving children in daycare or in the care of others. In this circumstance Prince William Sexual Assault lawyer guide people throughout the proceedings.

The problem of sexual assault and immigrants

It is known that immigrants, mainly women, and girls, are frequently victims of sexual assault. In addition, that there is fear when it comes to reporting this type of crime. However, it is common practice that some girls and women put allegation on people to for several reasons. In such cases, Prince William Sexual Assault lawyer helps people to defend their case whether they are the victim or suspect with an allegation. There are several reasons due to those girls and women do not report their case.

  • Ignorance of the laws and their rights
  • In the case of undocumented immigrants or migrants with temporary status and even those immigrants with legal status with a visa or permanent residents are afraid of being deported if they report this type of crime
  • The fact that most of the time a victimizer is a person known and even close to the victim, such as, for example, the groom, husband, boss, relative, etc. and he is afraid that he acts by taking revenge
  • Language barriers by not understanding or speaking English well
  • Feelings of guilt or shame (that you should not have, but you do have). And also of losing privacy by having to talk about very intimate matters
  • Ignorance about the services to which one may be entitled

Furthermore, many people mistrust in the legal system, mainly in cases in which in the country of origin, there are no protections in this type of crime. In this case, Prince William Sexual Assault lawyer provides best services and help people to report such crimes and defend them. Also, the witnesses may be afraid because of their status or due to fear from the perpetrator and do not want to collaborate with their testimony. Even in this situation, Prince William Sexual Assault lawyer helps people to report their case and to execute until the end of the case. In addition to defending their rights in court, they could have access to protection orders, foster homes and public welfare benefits and other services.

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