Petit Larceny for First Time with No Criminal Records VA

When a person attempts to take another’s property against his will or in his absence, it is considered to be larceny or theft. The state authorities have segregated between grand and petit larceny. The difference between the two depends on the amount or value of the stolen property. The court conviction against the crime of larceny is not static but varies from the intensity of crime. If a person is the second or third-time offender of petit larceny, his case gets more serious, and the investigating authorities become more belligerent towards him. However, if you are charged with petit larceny for first time with no previous criminal records in VA, it is probable that your case gets an early dismissal. Providentially, the courts in Virginia show leniency towards those who committed such a crime for the first time. Often, the court conviction against such an offense results in one-year penitentiary or a fine of maximum $2,500 or both. These charges are enshrined in the Virginia Section Code 18.2-96.

A person who came across petit larceny for first time with no criminal records in VA is called for arraignment in the court. This is an opportunity for him to plead either guilty or not guilty. If you hire a lawyer to defend your case and represent you in a legal manner, he firstly takes the opportunity of making a plea deal with the prosecutor to abandon charges against you. He will review your case and propose all the required evidence before the court. Another opportunity for an offender is to accept ‘diversion programs’. This type of program is organized for those who have been charged with petit larceny for first time with no criminal records in VA. Partaking to this program allows an offender to avoid court conviction by performing some community services.

Although petit larceny results in registering a person’s name as a public offender in the criminal record of the state which may hamper him to continue his social and professional life freely. He may face harsh reactions from his family and friends and find himself unable to enjoy civil rights more confidently. Therefore in this situation, the best alternative to face jail sentence is to participate in diversion programs which allow the first time offender to avoid committing any crime in future. But you must plead not guilty before being offered a diversion program because pleading guilty will permanently mark your name on the criminal records. These options are available only for those who committed petit larceny for first time with no criminal records in VA. Other than diversion programs, our lawyer advice you to face court trial to establish strong case so that the charges against you could easily be dismissed. The court also orders you to stay away from the victim for a certain period.

After looking into above elements involved in first time petit larceny offense and their outcomes, it can be concluded that the state courts have given ample clemency for those who meet the crime of petite larceny for first time with no criminal records in VA. An offender must review all the above options once he is charged with a larceny crime.