How Far does the Age and Sex of Each Child effect in child Custody case? A General Perspective

In most of the child custody cases there are several factors that are considered by the courts while deciding which parent will be given the sole custody of child. While making a final decision, the courts consider the extent as to how far does the age and sex of each child effect in child custody case? For determining this factor, each child’s age and sex as well as the mental/physical health is considered by the court.

How far does the age and sex of each child effect in child custody case?

Generally, when there are cases of child custody brought before the family courts, there is a major affect noticed on both the boys and girls. However, there are certain ways in which the girls and boys’ experiences differ. For example, the age and sex of each child effect in child custody case, specifically girls, to such an extent that girls go through from serve mental problems. Some of the key problems include psychological issues, anger, and depression. With growing age and development, such symptoms are subsided.

Similarly, in the situations where the child custody is decided, mothers are given preference where age and sex of each child has a major effect in child custody case, and child is not able to make his/her own decisions. The courts do consider all these factors including age, sex and position to make decisions for each child. In other words, the interests of each child are deemed differently. For example, when it is observed by the court that boy child is more comfortable with his father, and he does not enjoy time with her mother, in such a situation, the father is given the custody of the child.

However, if the child is not capable enough for making his decisions, then the court decides to hand over the custody of the child to mother. The occupational and educational pursuits of each child can be effected negatively when custody case is decided in court. There are long term effects that can be noticed in different cases. For example, the boys shows a severe reaction when they are in custody of a single parent as compared to girls.

Due to this reaction, they are more likely to get involved in gang crimes and drug abuse. Whereas, the girls also show negative symptoms when their custody is decided. For example, they lack interests in their school activities and sports. They prefer to stay at home all the time. Their educational and occupational development is stopped due to the pressure they have on their minds due to custody case.

Therefore, while determining how far does the age and sex of each child effect in child custody case, the courts pay attention to the well-being of each child. If the child is a teenager, the court asks the child to give his/her consent for living either of the parent. If the child is less than this age, the decision of the court is made based on several factors that include mental/physical condition, sex and age.