Guide to Federal sex offender laws

Who are Sex Offenders?

A sex offender is a person who has committed any major or minor sex crime. Sex crimes have multiple categories. Research is conducted by law enforcement bodies to categorize different types of sexual assaults on the basis of their harmful impact on the victims.

What is a Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is an act of a person who has performed any sexual activity with an individual without their consent. Sexual assault can take many shapes however the most common form sexual assault includes Rape, Sexual abuse and touching sensually, without the consent of the victim.

Sex Offender Policy in the United States.

Throughout United States, Sex offender policies are designed by the federal government to manage the sex offenders before and after their Served punishment period.

The federal government has placed certain restrictions to manage the sex offenders. These restriction includes the

  1. limitation of residing next to school or public park area
  2. Any kind of Involuntary commitment
  3. Registering as a sex offender for public access

Federal sex offender laws

In the year 2006, three tiers were created by Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act (AWA) including:

  1. Tier 3:
    1. These sex offenders are subjected to more than one year of imprisonment in the following cases:
      1. Aggravated sexual abuse
      2. Sexual contact with a minor
    2. Tier 2:
      1. These sex offenders are subjected to one-year imprisonment in the following cases:
        1. Sexual assault against a minor including minor trafficking
        2. Solicitation of minor for prostitution
  • Producing, selling or distributing child pornography
  1. Tier 1:
    1. These sex offenders are not categorized in other two tiers

Role of the Federal Government

The Federal government needs to play an important role in managing the sex offenders throughout the United States. The federal government manages and imposes the federal laws related to sexual abuse. The federal government has formed regulations, which has encouraged the formation of sex offender registry in different states. These Sex offender registries are kept public so that people can access the record of registered sex offenders in the State.

Sex offender registration

The law enforcement have designed a critical way of managing the sex offenders by establishing sex offender registries. By establishing these registries, public, government and state authorities can track these offender even after they have served their punishment.

Registration and Limitation of Sex Offenders according to federal sex offender laws

According to the federal sex offender laws, each state should operate a sex offender registry for public use. Once the Sex offender has served his punishment, he is required to register himself with a local judge. There are certain information that the sex offenders has to submit for being registered as an offender:

  1. Name
  2. The Social Security number of the offender
  3. The current Address of the Offender
  4. Employee name and address (if applicable)
  5. Name of the school and address of the school ( If applicable)
  6. The License plate number of the vehicle
  7. A Physical Description of the sex offender
  8. A recent photograph

A copy of Valid driving license (If applicable)

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