Five Steps to Prevent Child Abduction during Divorce

Divorce is an extremely painful process not only for the parents but especially for the child himself. The divorce can leave the partners very furious and cause them to do desperate things. The pain and strife caused by divorce can cause either one partner to become extremist which can result in child abduction during divorce. Although, the divorce rate is increasing all over the world, but in US the divorce rate is almost 50% more as compared to the Belgium, Portugal and Spain. It is a possibility that if your ex kidnaps your child, which is a legal battle both complicated and battle due to the litany of the laws both in the overseas and home state.

If you feel that you are one of the parents, who are becoming the reason for child abduction during divorce, then you should take the required action to prevent the chances of something worst in the future. Here re some actions that needs to be taken for the prevention of child abduction during divorce:

Take the passport of the child back to your custody

It is not possible to travel anywhere in the world without having the passport of the child. The best option is to have the passport of the children in your custody as soon as you file for divorce. Your lawyer can also ask you to take the passport into your own custody. If it is not possible to get the custody of your passport, then you can ask the court to do it for you, especially when there are the chances of the child abduction, it can be done on emergency basis or by proper planning.

Do not allow the children out of the state without the permission of both the parties

During the divorce process, there are different type of agreements which needs to follow by both the parents. Normally, we focus on the overall spending of the children and the amount of time that he will be spending with both of them. There is another concern which is not that big but needs attention that there is not any child abduction during divorce, this is the reason why this clause must be accepted by both the parties that children should not be allowed to travel out of the state without the permission of both the parties.

Check the passports, documents or visas that permit travel on periodic basis

If one parent of the child possess dual citizenship, then he can go back to his home country by taking the child with him and getting the visas, documents and passports on the behalf of the other parent. There must be proper steps taken in order to prevent it, as that one parent can take the child away from the other without even concerning him. Thus, it is very important to ask the contact the embassy for checking the documents, passports and visas of that parent on periodic basis.