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The Virginia Law defines and limits the citizen’s basic rights of the commonwealth of Virginia and the authorities of state government.  The assault is the attempt to harm someone physically. It refers to frighten them or to put them in apprehension of imminent battery. It is like a threat and it is a crime as per the Virginia law. Everyone has the right to live free and state gives this security to its citizens. There is a difference between assault and battery. Assault is threat to harm bodily and battery is the actual physical harm to other. The Domestic Violence is crime and its sentence is one year jail as well as fine is $ 25000.


Violence in any form is not able to tolerate and ignore as well. Assault or violence has various forms like rape, assault, molestation, Eve or Adam teasing and harassment. All these forms are extremely hilarious and are occurring in all forms without the limitation of boundaries or geographical borders. Every day these crimes are happening in this world where we are live in and facing this wildness in the society of civilized people. Domestic Violence is very common in all areas of the world. It takes the family to the edges of the divorce. Numerous families or relations finish on divorce.

Assault is Class I offense in Virginia. Regarding this issue a legal representation is must. The SRIS Law Group provides assistance in this matter. In SRIS Law Group, the expert attorneys know that all the violence cases are not similar. They can plead your case on all areas. A low cost lawyer just does the paperwork and filing that makes the case more complicated for the clients. An inexperienced lawyer can make your case difficult because they are not well-aware of the techniques to present the Domestic Violence case in the court. For this purpose, you must hire a proficient attorney to plead your case in the court successfully. An expert lawyer believes in practical services. The expert team of lawyers knows complete rules and regulations about the domestic violence and assault cases.

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