Criminal Attorney Alexandria, VA

When you face criminal charges, your freedom and reputation are on stake. It is important that you hire an experienced criminal attorney who has the knowledge and skills to advocate on your behalf. SRIS Law Group is dedicated to providing client with aggressive and high quality defense. Our attorneys realize the severe consequences you might be facing if charged with an Alexandria crime, and we will fight for you.

Most of the crimes are charges at the state level. While the type of conduct considered criminal are relatively constant throughout U.S., each state and city is unique and Alexandria, VA is no exception. When charged with criminal felonies, suspects can benefits from the criminal defense representation under the law. If you are facing a misdemeanor, reckless driving charges or a fierce felony charge, an Alexandria, VA criminal attorney can provide you sensible legal advice and support you make knowledgeable decisions during criminal justice procedure.

Understand Criminal Charge

The widest separation among crimes is the sorting of a crime as a misdemeanor or offense. Normally, misdemeanors are criminalities which are punishable with a jail time of one year, whereas felonies are punishable by a year or more in prison. Though, even within these two Virginia further classifies the crimes by the cruelty of each offense. Misdemeanors in Alexandria, VA are divided into four classes in which Class 4 is the least serious offense and Class 1 carry the harshest penalties.

The most common criminal offense includes DWI, assault, marijuana possession, reckless driving, shoplifting, public alcoholism and carrying a hidden weapon without license. Reliant on the ordering of the crime, punishments range from a fine of $250 and one year in jail and a $2,500 fine making it significant to contact a criminal attorney in Alexandria, VA.

Our criminal attorneys based in Alexandria, VA are well well-matched to provide the legal representation to the clients who are facing a variation of criminal felonies in the area. Our lawyers are dedicated on providing modified attention and legal advice to each of our clients. We will work carefully with you to understand every aspect of your case in order to deliver you with customized legal advice.

No one decides on becoming an offender in a criminal case, but if you find yourself facing a criminal or felony charge, your liberty and living might be at risk. If you are asked about your participation in delinquency, arrested on a criminal complaint, or charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime, it is your privilege to have a criminal attorney and it is significant to use such legal rights.