Buying & Selling Commercial Property in Arlington Virginia

Buying and selling commercial property in Arlington, Virginia represent a significant element of local real estate market. Home to around 225,000 resident, Arlington stretches over to 26 square miles and it is one the nation’s most wealthy counties. That vigorous economy combined with the growth in future jobs which is predicted to be 41.30% over 10 years adds strength to the commercial real estate sector. The description among commercial and residential properties can sometimes be confusing especially multifamily buildings for sale can be considered commercial due to their nature for generating income. The easiest way to define the commercial real estate is that the property which can be purchased or sold for business means. That encompasses a lot of structures, which includes office buildings, storefronts, warehouses, movie theaters and much more.

Arlington is made of several different neighborhoods which includes quiet suburban enclaves and busy urban corridors. The Rosslyn-Ballston corridor is one of the trendiest areas beginning at the Rosslyn on Potomac River and head towards west through Courthouse, Clarendon, Virginia square and finally arriving at Ballston. The shopping scenes and thriving restaurants in this area leads to the competition among developers or commercial property for sale. Arlington commercial real estate is one of the hottest market in United States. This place offers realistic rates of rents relative to Washington’s Central Business District which make it a great choice for corporations, governments, contractors, consultant and creative organizations.

If you are thinking to buy or sell commercial property in Arlington Virginia, consider putting us ahead with knowledge in Arlington Virginia commercial real estate marketplace to work for you. Arlington is the essence of smart development and urbanism with 90% of new commercial and residential development on Metro corridors. No other community is U.S. has this sturdier pledge to transportation oriented development which enjoys 80 miles of pedestrian and bike trails.

Buying and selling commercial property in Arlington Virginia includes several options. From the upright design to the lively street life with electric restaurants a shops. Arlington is a big city with the charm of neighborhood. The commercial districts in Arlington Virginia have modern and office towers with Class A and views from Washington. DC. Potomac River, airport and small retail districts. Arlington Virginia has also robust inventory of warehouse space for several service businesses which carter to the people of Arlington. Arlington will endure to progress, which means more commercial properties for sale.

Main commercial real estates in Arlington

  • Pentagon
  • Corporate Executive Board
  • CACI International
  • Systems BAE
  • The Association of Consumer Electronics
  • PBS Television

Arlington Real Estate Marketplace Numbers

  • 38 million (Sq. ft.) area office place
  • 6.8 million (Sq. ft.) marketing space
  • 1.9 million (Sq. ft.) industrial space
  • 200,000 jobs
  • 198,000 people
  • 8,000 instant visitors