Arlington VA Real Estate for Rent

If buying a house is a difficult task than you should go for rent a home in Arlington VA. In search of a right apartment for rent is a right decision but it may affect your life and lifestyle. It changes everything in your life, where you shop for groceries to where you eat and sleep and while you can get easily host guests.

Once you finally make up your mind about the location, make you have the right to asked the correct question before you sign the rental. You need to do a complete homework is very important before signing a lease because it is difficult to cancel it. Following are the questions that you need to consider:

What is included within in the rent?

A very few facilities in the flat is covered in the monthly charge, while others are not. Before signing the lease agreement, Ask the landlord charges for gas, cable, and electric connections are included or not. Some landlords installed a separate meter for your comfort, or other may charge a fixed amount of electricity. Sometimes, the landlord pays for sewer and water charges to the authority.

Can I decorate my apartment?

Most of the time the landlords do not allow the rent payers to put a nail in the walls. Ask the landlord if you are allowed to paint the walls as you want or change the tiles? Or you can hang things on the wall? If he refused your wants, then you can assure him by promising to fixed the wall holes and paint them to the original color before your contract ends.

Maintenance policy

The rent payers need to pay the maintenance amount to the resident welfare associations or management of boundary wall societies. Later if you are entering in the conflict, ask the landlord who will bear the extra maintenance cost, also in the monthly rent. In the situation of major repairs, such as civil works or seepage is happened. Make sure that the landlord should bear the cost.

Emergency repairs

A breakage of anything in the apartment, failed electricity meter who would bear the cost of all emergency breakage or repair expenses? The landlord or the tenants? In some of the rental agreements, tenants are the third party as the property belongs to the landlord.

Safety and security

Ask the landlord what safety measure the property has, including a CCTV camera, a watchman or a double door lock. You can also ask and search about the neighborhood safety measures is it an entirely safe area or not?

Background of the landlord

Find out what the reputation of the landlord in the area. Is he known to be a nobleman or a nitpicker? Ask the neighbors, the watchman of the building, and the local mart manager for more information of the person.